Monday, November 5, 2012

This Blows: Surface Tablet Has Only Half Of Usable Storage

Source:  9to5Mac.

This isn’t a bad joke and I know today ain’t April Fool’s Day.  Still, this is one of the worse wake-up calls as far as Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet goes.  And Surface users are not going to be happy about this when they find out.

Remember how everyone has been crowing about how for the same amount of money, you get double the storage on the Surface over the iPad?  So, for $499, you get 32 GB on a Surface tablet while you get only 16 GB on the iPad from Apple.  Advantage Microsoft, right?  Not quite.

See, with a Surface’s 32 GB, you actually only get about half of that for your wares and stuff.  That’s right.  HALF!  And where’s the other half?  Microsoft took them up.  5 GB for Windows recovery and tools and the rest for built-in apps.  Talk about bloatware.  But that’s is only 13 GB, that’s still more than the iPad, right?

Well, for whatever reason, only 29 GB is reported by Windows.  So you get 16 GB.

Well, technically, that is still more than the 16 GB iPad because Apple does siphone away a couple of GB for itself.  Still, that isn’t quite the shocker that Surface users are faced with.

So, there you have it.  Still about 1.5-2 GB more than the iPad but definitely not double as Microsoft would like to have us believe.  It’s likely that this same is on the Nexus 7.  Android does not take up half the internal storage for itself and bloatware like Microsoft does.

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