Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mickey A Jedi Or Sith Lord? Will Buzz, Woody, Or MacQueen Make Star Wars 7 Cameos?

You should know by now that Disney owes LucasFilm.  If not, well, now you do.  Well, along with this bit is news is the bigger news that we're going to see a 7th Star Wars movie.


My hope is that George Lucas isn't given any kind of creative control over it.  If anything, Disney should bring in the Pixar folks and get them to work on it.  

Anyway, we'll know soon enough in the next few months.  Still, I wonder if the person who suggested this deal secretly wanted someone else to try making a Star Wars movie and show good-old George that his prequels could have been done better.

And don't be surprised by this deal.  Disney and Lucas has cooperated in the past with attractions at Disney theme parks.

On a historic note, this deal has come a full circle.  Like I mentioned before, Disney and Lucas has had some great history working together.  And Disney and Pixar made great animated movie history together and eventually Disney bought Steve Jobs out.

And where did Pixar come from?  Why George Lucas of course!  When Steve Jobs bought a computer art division and turned it into Pixar.  Who did he buy it from?

George Lucas.

Source: Disney.

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