Yahoo's Video Guide Offers Nothing Novel - So Why?

Yahoo launched another app today, Yahoo Video Guide App (tumblr), that is supposed to help users find content to watch on the mobile apps for Android and the iOS platform.  However, it does nothing that is novel that other apps do not already offer.  Hence, it's the reason why I've stayed away from it.  So, why? And why now?

Once you open up the app and find the show you want to watch, you are still forced to download that app if you already haven't or switch away from Yahoo's guide and enter the video streaming app.  Say you want to watch any of the Stargate TV series, which is only available for streaming on Amazon or for download on iTunes.  So, you'll still have to switch away.

Granted, it makes discovery a heck of a lot better which is probably the reason why Yahoo came up with this.  It's a nicer app than most other discovery ones that I've downloaded, used for a few minutes, and deleted for all of enternity.

As a long-time Yahoo fan and feel nostalgic whenever I think back to my college days using Yahoo to conduct rudimentary searches, I like to see Yahoo gain some foothold in the media market.  There has been quite a bit of turmoil of late for Yahoo and it feels like Yahoo is throwing stuff up on the wall and hoping something sticks.

Yahoo Video Guide, as nice as it is, feels that way. 

Source:  Techcrunch.


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