Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Rid of the 3.5 mm Jack Is Nothing: Eventually, All Apple Products Will Have No Ports

People seems to be stressing themselves over the fact that Apple is looking into replacing the 3.5mm input for headsets and your only option will be to use the Lightning connectors or wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity. Well, here is another shocker:  eventually, Apple will do away with that as well.  No ports.  Everything will have to be connected wirelessly - headsets, speakers, charging stations. 

And not only for iOS devices but you can pretty much forget USB ports on most consumer oriented Macs as well.  Those who are complaining that Apple provided only one USB-C port?  Yeah, nada ports in the future.

Why?  That's the future, homies.  And it goes to the design philosophy that Apple has.  It might not happen in the next couple of years but 5 years from now, that may well be the case.  As iPhone and iPad user, I'm still having to charge via the Lightning port, a wire.  But pretty much everything else is done wirelessly - data transfers like buying apps, using apps, and backing up my iCloud data.

And when I'm at Starbucks, I'm enjoying their wireless charging. Yes, it's through a wireless connector through the Lightning port but that's a temporary solution until Apple sees fit to introduce wireless charging (that we currently have on the Apple Watch) for other products as well. 

And if you want to jump a bit head, you can buy wireless charging setups for  your iPhone but, honestly, just wait for Apple's own implementation.  It's likely Apple has learn quite a bit from practical Apple Watch's wireless charging experiences and will bring that know-how over to iOS products, probably first to the iPhone and eventually, the iPad, and then Macbooks down the road.  And yes, eventually, your screens will serve as solar chargers from the sun as well as ambient light sources. 

Without the 3.5 mm jack and the Lightning port, all iOS devices will look even better.  And I'll tell you what - there are other things on the iPhone and iPad that will eventually going away as well.

Stay tuned. 

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