Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cryptocurrency Isn't The Future But Whatever It Evolves Into Is - Now Is the Time To Learn What It Is

I recently bought into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies after participating in a chat with friends who were more knowledgeable than I ever will be with technology and where things are headed.  And the more I read and hear them talk about it, I realized a couple of things.  In terms where the future, it's moving fast.  I think some of our current geopolitical problems stem from just fast our society is evolving and some if not most of us not being able to adapt to changes.  Second, cryptocurrency is still in the early stages.  It feels like something that will never stop changing.  That is the nature of digital money and how it is use.  And there are more than one use for crypto than just paying for goods and services.

We don't need to know everything there is to know about everything.  This is true with crypto as with anything else.  We do need to know a little about it so we don't blindly walk into it without a clue at all.  It's like when you visit a new city. We know where the major tourist attractions are and perhaps a few hidden gems only the locals know about.  There is no need to know every back alleys.  You would not want to anyway.

Knowing what a blockchain is and how it fits in crypto is important. We just don't need to really know how it works.  Knowing a little about it comes with some peace of mind in knowing that all that zeros and ones do mean something and can have value.

Having listened to my friends, I decided I should spend a few hundreds dollars and get in on it.  And it's definitely not enough to get rich off of is but it does help me understand more about it. And it has lessen the anxiety I had in the beginning.  It was around that time when ethereum was hacked only once or twice but three times around the time I send Coinbase my couple of hundred of dollars (The Hacker News).

As I learn more and more about it, I'll share what I learn and hope that it helps you as well. And if you find what I learn is wrong or that my explanation is in error, I would greatly appreciate correction. After all, I feel my blog is about moving forward together with all the readers.

I do think that one thing is certain.  Bitcoin is what we have today but because of its changes, the crypto market will evolve further as more people begin to use it, sparking innovation in this market.  What innovation?  I have no idea but I can't wait to see.

So, I would relay what I do with my 0.1 bitcoin if anything at all.  Maybe I'll buy more.  Maybe I'll get into others as well.  Who knows.  What I would not do is make suggestions that anyone spend their hard earned money on crypto.  I want there to be some level of objectivity and trust between us. What you do with what you learn here is up to you.  Above all, staying informed is what I want for all of us.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Being Able To Retire Versus Deciding To Retire: Either Way, Bravo

Here is an interesting article from CNN about a woman who is married, having saved up $2.25 million while her husband still works, decided to retire. Raise an family and in her own words, just "live" life for the rest of her time here.  Some thinks that's cool. Other do not.  No matter how you look at it, it's about choices and priorities. 

I think I like to explore more about life choices from here on out - after all, many of us share our life choices in social media like Twitter and Facebook as well as chat apps like Snapchat.  So we are constantly bombarded with choices, ones we make as well as those of our "friends", folks we follow, and those who follow us. 

Regardless of her circumstance and how she was able to make such a butt-load of money and retire at such a young age (some have argued she's not really tired since she still has a husband who is making money and has his own savings), she made a choice to save - might even say she made sacrifices to get there.  One reader remarked that she was spending money and partying when she was this woman's age.  Since then, the reader has also made her own choices to saving up her own $2 million for her own retirement.

But these can hardly be called sacrifices since choices we made move us in one direction, away from lives that we could have lived, for better or worse, and down a path that we will have to live with. 

So, this woman decided saving her income was the best use of her resources, forging parties, perhaps eating out, etc., and how she has the ability to to make some choices perhaps many of us cannot because we don't have two million bucks sitting in our checking account. 

Question now is should be brand new young retiree be looked up to.  Sure, I think so - up to this point.  What happens tomorrow and the choices are an entirely different circumstance.  It's unlikely she could move to Colorado and smoke marijuana for the rest of her life but, hey, that's her choice too.  Not one I'd make.  I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that she'll find a way to make her life more interesting than that.

So, bravo. 

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