Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lots of Articles On "Starting The Day Early and Things You Need To Do" - What Works

I wake up at an early hour.  I've been like that as a child.  As far back as I can remember because my brother and I used to wake up at six to watch morning cartoons on week and that sort of stuck for weekdays as well, regardless of whether it's carefree summer or school days.  It's one thing that I'm rather proud of.

Even now, as my family sleeps, I would enjoy my first cup of coffee.  I'm on the tablet most of the time catching up on the day's news.  On weekend, the Los Angeles Times Sunday edition.

I have been reading a few articles on what people should do in the morning and try to accomplish before work or school.  I try to do a quick work out, write a bit, read something besides sports news or indulge in social media, and plan for the day.

There are plenty of articles out there like that.  And while it is a no-brainer that getting a head start is always good, will doing all this and more really turn us into the successful people we read about who also happen to have practiced these morning rituals?

The answer I heard that just came into your head is "no". There are obviously other factors that are involved.  It takes patience and time.  It also factors in things like what your goals are and how hard you're really willing to work to get there.

Still, head start.

One thing I've like to incorporate into my morning rituals from one of the articles I've read about is to do at least one thing that further my long-term goals.  I have been trying to learn to draw and program.  I doodle here and there and when I can, write a few lines of apps that solve a math problem at work.  I think I should do more than that.  And do that as part of my morning ritual.

Meditation is something a few suggested it.  It's not for me but I'm not putting this in the "no" column.  I've tried mediation before and, honestly, I have not given it a chance.  I'm not sure it is for me but perhaps when I am more organized with my ritual and life, I should revisit this.

There are another set of suggestions that relates to putting you in the right mood.  I think if you're the type of individual who wakes up early and try to get started before the rest of the world, I think you're in the right mood.  You don't need anything more uplifting or have the need to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself "I'm special.  I'm awesome.  I'm going to do great today".  I don't know if you're awesome.  Probably not special (nor am I).  And you'll probably have a productive day if all goes well.

One glaring omission is social media.  I've read nowhere that suggests we spend a few minutes on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  I'm fine with Twitter since I use it as a source of news information pertinent to my work and generally staying informed - I stay away from Hollywood, gossips, and anything that I feel are a waste of data center storage space and that includes Facebook, Snapchat, and other social networks.

How about you?  What do you do to start the morning early?

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