Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gov Shutdown: Parties Worry About Midterms, Not About Americans

This headline post from Politico perfectly describes just what the current environment of dysfunction in Washington is like.  It is not about average Americans being affected negatively by the shutdown.  It is not about the potential of tens of thousands of federal workers potentially losing their jobs.  

No.  The Democrats and Republicans are worried about how this affects their prospects in the 2018 midterms.  The Democrats are trying to wrestle control of Congress away from the Republicans while the Republicans are trying to limit their losses.  

So far, the public seems to suggest that they will blame the Trump White House and the Republicans for the current government shutdown.  After all, it’s the fractured Republicans who are in control of both branches of government.  Still, the Democrats are not making it easy and are unwilling to make compromises.  Make no mistake that if the situation was the opposite, where the Democrats are unable to govern if they were in control, the Republicans certainly are also unwilling to work.

It is no wonder that we have the president we have and the Congressional makeup.  People are either voting for the lesser of two evils or making a point by throwing someone out of office.  We are no longer voting for the future.   

This situation is unlikely to change until Americans are willing to walk away from their left or right corner and embrace a middle and common sense.  

For the R, D, or I.  We need an A.  A for American president who is president for everyone.  Who is willing to cut through the political and fake news bullshit and give it to the Americans straight.  The American president who will break the duopolistic control of political landscape.  

We need this president and people in Congress who are worried about their constituents and not about the next election cycle, what cable news is saying, and owe nothing to rich patrons or political parties.  

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