Saturday, October 17, 2020

With Cellular Apple Watch, It’s Okay To Leave the Phone At Home

With my Apple Watch 6, I’ve finally ditched the iPhone and feel comfortable going out without it. Not just for a run but also on trips to the markets and running errands.  It is only a matter of time before more mobile users feel comfortable going about their life without the digital appendage knowing as the smartphone. And this could be a generational shift in mobile computing. 

I still have an iPhone.  In fact, I am contemplating upgrading to the iPhone 12 mini. Green to be exact. So I’ll still be a mobile warrior in the traditional sense. But at times, It has dominated my time and feel the iPhone is an indispensable part of my life. People, isn’t. 

It’s a tool. A bicycle for the mind as Steve Jobs so eloquently put it. There are times when it should not be without you.  Even now , your mind should be allowed to walk and find other ways of getting around. I’ve done that.  Perhaps I’m a product of my generation and was not born in the last twenty years so I still remember times when you carry around books to read and notebooks to jot thoughts and journal entries.  I’ve gone back to that.  And I’m loving it.  And if I may and I’m rather proud of it, I have gotten looks because I’m at a public carrying reading a book and writing on paper with a pen.  

I still a mobile warrior.  I still spend time each day on the iPhone helping my clan win wars in Clash of Clans, reading and posting on Twitter, and keeping in touch with my college buddies on whether we should all chip in to buy out our inept football head coach.  

With the Apple Watch 6, I am still connected because of the cellular service. So, there is almost no anxiety when it comes to being disconnected. Think of it as a nicotine patch for slowly moving away from the all consuming mobile phone life we are all a part of. 

I’m now more selective and feel less need to answer things right away or reading up on the latest news.  I can still do that on the watch but I have also found that there is no need to answer emails or messages immediately. Things happen in the world whether I read about it or not - and a lot of time, it doesn’t not affect us directly at all.  

I’m wiring this post in an iPad mini and I have no idea where my iPhone is.  While I am still decades away from retirement, I can see myself with just the Apple Watch and an iPad (one day, the Apple Watch will be completely free of the iPhone).  For staying connected, I’ll have watch.  For real computing and life needs like coding or watching pictures and editing them, I’ll have the iPad mini.

What do you think? Are you ready to leave The smartphones at home?  Would it make it easier if you were still connected through a mobile computer on your wrist?

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