Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blackberry rocks! But...

RIM sold 5.4 million phones.  Valued at $2.1 billion.  Their best quarter.  This comes out to $389 per handset.  That's very good.

But Apple sold 6.9 million iPhones valuing at $4.6 billion.  I'll let you do the math...no wonder RIM is getting killed.  As good as the Storm is, Blackberries have not been able to hold serve since the iPhone 3G came out.  

One more thing...Apple stock was about to tank when the guidance looked bad but then Jobs show up during the financial call and stock jumped 10%...ended the extended session up 13%.  

Look at the analysts who commented on the iPhone  before it came out.

Also of note for Apple fans:
  • Wired reported the Android Marketplace, which I found virtually abandoned yesteryday and today, should be stock up with 50 apps by tomorrow.  the iTunes app store came ready with 500 at launch.   
  • The iPhone app store has ballooned 11X from when it debuted back in June.  Stands at 5,500 apps.
  • The 200 millionth app will be downloaded by tomorrow.
I guess I'll hold off purchasing Solar Baster until tomorrow.  Maybe I'll just get to be the lucky 200 millionth served.

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