Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for October 9, 2008

With the Mac back in the news today.  Oh, sorry.  You heard right.  The Macbook is back to headline once again after ceding media and blog attention to its smaller mobile cousins, the iPod

Onxo Updates:
iPhone-iPod Update:
  • iSmashphone on iNotes for the iPhone.
  • TUAW on Street View and special features for Japanese iphone users.  Emoji should have been on the iPhone to start with.  Next step, make it easier for people to read enovels and comics, Jobs.
  • Touch Arcade on $10K prize for best iPhone/iPod game.
  • Small Wave talks about App Store.
  • iLounge on contract free iPhones in Mexico.
  • Macworld  reports owners very satisfied with their iPhone despite problems.
  • iLounge reports on iTunes store for Russia in 2009.  New Cold War is free market friendly.
  • Indy Star reprints Bloomberg article on iPhone in biz.  MacDaily News reports first Japanese corporate customer.
  • Keep an eye on this.  Judge allows lawsuit against iPhone ties to ATT to go forward.  Possible this may impact other devices and carriers.
  • iPhone Atlas reports French Iron Man Blue-Ray copy has iPhone features.
  • Macworld reports Norway demands Apple drop DRM.
  • Apple Matters explains App Store as a prison.
  • iPhone Atlas on take your iPhone overseas.

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