Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Netbooks at Macworld: Not Likely

Who to believe?  Some analyst believes there will be a netbook at Macworld 2009 or some facts that point to the contrary?

Well, Computerworld is reporting an analyst who admitted that he has no fact to back up his assertion that there will be Apple-branded netbooks next month at the annual Mac event in San Francisco.  Backed up his line of reasoning well though.

It's a lot alone the line of what Onxo (me and my fellow mobile warriors) believe about what Apple's answer to the netbook will be. 

However, we're not likely to see anything new when Philip Schiller, Apple's senior VP gives the keynote, as indicated by Appleinsider. 

You read it right. 

Philip Schiller.  Get to know him.  Steve P. Jobs will not be delivering the keynote this year.  And that is exactly why it's very unlikely Apple will be introducing a new product line.

Again, we believe desktop Macs, iMac, Mini, and Pro, will be updated.  And that'll be about it.  But do expect a surprise visitor, Jobs, who might pop in to support his subordinate.  Look for the keynote script to remain the same for Schiller as Jobs' keynote deliveries in the past.  Fanastic Christmas quarter.  Numbers for iPhones.  Numbers for iPods.  Numbers for Macs.  Maybe apps and iTunes sales.  And then on to new product intro. 

Oh, and one more thing.  When the curtain closes, this will be Macworld Apple  participates in. 

It was good while it lasted.

Source:  Appleinsider, Computerworld

Note:  As usually, facts are facts but we do hope like hell we're wrong and we'll see something revolutionary.  Also, there could be evidence that no new products from Apple other than freshing product lines as Adobe and others will curtail their participation at Macworld.

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