Thursday, April 30, 2009

Onxo: DS and PSP Didn't Worry About iPhone Then. How About Now?

That's the question Onxo examined today.  Inspired by a post I read over Gizmodo today (must read for all gaming fans), I started wondering about Apple's prospects of supplementing Nintendo and Sony as the mobile gaming leader.

While that issue may be up for debate for years to come, what isn't is the facts that surfaced in recent days about Apple's moves on the mobile front and data that point to Cupertino gearing up for a mobile gaming war.

  • 35K apps in the App Store.  Of those, more than 9,000 are games.  
  • 37 million iPhones and iPod Touches.  We might see 70-80 million by the end of 2009.  
  • 1 Billion downloads in about 9.5 months.  The next billion will not take that long.
  • New iPhones coming in June along with iPhone 3.0.  
  • Back-to-school iPod Touch giveaways with Mac purchases.  
  • Apple commercials with iPod Touch and gaming.
  • App Store seeing more games from tier one developers like EA and Sega.  
  • Apple's recent hiring of former graphic chip heavyweights.
  • Apple's chip takeovers in the last year.
These are just the facts and events that has taken place.  This is more than just about iPhone.  It's about creating a gaming ecosystem that is backed by powerful devices.  Furthermore, after years of watching Apple, I can say with confidence that pretty much is tied in with the Macs and maybe even Apple TV.  This is something that Sony and Nintendo cannot duplicate (though both Sony and Nintendo have their own gaming networks that Apple can't duplicate at this time).  

On top of that, we are certain that additional mobile devices, perhaps a tablet, is on tap in the next year or so (I love to be wrong about the timeline and see it sooner rather than later) that can add a whole new dimension to the gaming market.  

I don't know if Apple will be able to catapult itself ahead of Nintendo and Sony but it's certainly got the momentum, resources and deep pockets to do it.  I'm sure Nintendo and Sony aren't sitting idly by while Apple makes its run.  I can't wait to see DS2, PSP2, and whatever Apple's got on the market to fight it out for our hard-earned dollars.

Via Gizmodo and Onxo

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