Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hulu Desktop for the Mac Available Now

Did you know this?

Hulu made available today their desktop application for Mac and Windows computers to watch video directly without going through the browsers.

Here's the link to get it: Hulu Desktop. Downloading as I'm writing this. Here's a short FAQ I took from their site about this:

How is Hulu Desktop different from
Hulu Desktop runs directly on your computer and does not require a web browser. It provides an alternate way to browse and view content from the Hulu Library.

Is the same content on available on Hulu Desktop?
Generally speaking the Hulu library on will be available through Hulu Desktop. While our goal is to have the same content library available on through all of our distribution channels, we work together with our partners to determine availability of their content on these various channels.

Do I need and account to use Hulu Desktop?
No account is required to use Hulu Desktop, just download and enjoy.

Can I access my profile and queue from Hulu Desktop?
Yes, you may login to Hulu Desktop and access your queue, history, subscriptions, playback quality and closed captioning preferences. Your profile details, privacy settings and friends are not accessible from Hulu Desktop.

Which remote controls work with Hulu Desktop?
Hulu Desktop will work with Apple and Windows Media Center remotes. Remotes that are compatible with Windows XP and Vista can be purchases at most electronics retailers.

What devices support Hulu Desktop?
Hulu Desktop is currently only available for Mac and Windows PCs. Hulu Desktop is not supported on Linux or on consumer electronic devices

Why does Hulu Desktop require me to install Flash?
Hulu Desktop is built on Flash, and thus requires it to be installed to function properly. You will only be prompted to install Flash if you do not have it on your computer, or if you have an older version.

Please click on the link below for:Why do I have to update Hulu Desktop to keep using it? Why can't I continue to use an older version?
Using the latest version of Hulu Desktop will ensure that it will always work. As we make changes over time, older versions of desktop may not be compatible with these versions.

Note: Not exactly a wireless piece of information but there have been chatters about Hulu for the iPhone. Hope that's true and hope it comes to other smartphones and mobile platforms.

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