Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd Generation iPod Touch - No Mic Use With Bluetooth?

One of the most exciting features I was looking forward to with the iPhone 3.0 update is the Bluetooth access with iPod Touch.  In particular, I was looking forward to using my Motorola BT headset as a mic along with my trusty Touch.

With apps like Skype and Voice Memos featured prominently in the minds of Touch owners, I was excited at the prospects of Touch owners being able to use their existing headsets, negating the need to buy a sanctioned wired headset be would a welcoming addition.

Unfortunately, I'm here to save you some googling and tell you that doesn't appear to be a feature for the iPod Touch Bluetooth.  I've gone through a few forums and no good news.

Most people were unable to connect their iPod Touches and their BT headsets.  A couple of users pointed out that the iPod Touch will only pair with stereo BT headsets.  

I'm continuing to see if there is a workaround through my knowledgeable friends or the forums.  For now, we march on and hope that this feature will come in a future update.  Ready for iPhone 3.1, anyone?

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