Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pre Reviewed But Walt Says Wait Until You See iPhone 3.0

Walt Mossberg does indeed know that Pre (going on sale this Saturday) is being pit against the current iPhone and it has a lot of folks excited. But next week, Apple may finally show us if there is anything else in iPhone 3.0 that they've kept from the public. There's been a lot of speculations about unannounced features and hardware additions.

Walt seems to believe that Apple will be surprising us at the WWDC or whenever new iPhones are announced. In fact, he seems to believe that claim strongly. Over on Onxo, we've summarize the current reviews (most came online in the last few minutes) and the Pre is probably the device most people will look to if the iPhone doesn't exist. So just in case you're wondering, based on the reviews, the Pre is pretty good but the iPhone is still the go-to mobile device.

Here's are some perceived advantages the Pre may have over the iPhone: physical keyboard, WebOS, background apps, Synergy, removable battery. Now, I did say "perceived". I rather like the iPhone's intuitive and smart virtual keyboard. I wouldn't mind having a removable battery on the iPhone though.

As for the other perceived advantages, well, it's a matter of personal preference and we still don't know if the iPhone 3.0 will address those issues - I'm particularly looking forward to the search function. And I don't want to go into the advantages the current iPhone over Pre and its other competitors. You know what they are. No need to go into that. Too many to address (and most of them may be subjective).

We'll know next week or the coming weeks what how Apple intend to answer the Pre.

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