Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why iPod Touch Will Not Connect To Some Bluetooth Headsets

I wrote earlier about my failed attempts to connect my Bluetooth headset to my iPod Touch.  I couldn't figure it out but now I know why.  Well, someone else figured it out.

To make the long story short, you need a BT headset that supports AD2P standard, a standard allowing for audio to be streamed.

So, if your BT headset or ones you're thinking about buying doesn't support AD2P, iPod Touch might or might not see the headset.  And even if it does, it won't work.

Also, if there is a mic on your BT headset, it won't work.  See I was thinking a BT headset would be my ticket to avoiding having to buy a new wired headset with a mac from Apple to use the Voice Memos app.  No go.  Apple didn't enable it.  At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple enables BT mic for VIOP with a later update or simply left it out to force folks to buy the headsets.

Whatever the reason, well, we'll can only guess but we won't really know.  But I hope this answers your question why some iPod Touch owners can't get their BT headsets to work with the Touch.

Note:  I wonder if iPhone users can use their BT headset with Voice Memos.  Wanna guess?

Source:  CNet

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