Friday, July 24, 2009

Google Voice Addition Would Make IM Apps Even Better

For my fellow iPhone and iPod Touch mobile warriors who have been waiting patiently for an official Google Voice app, I can tell you that I love using Android's GV app as it allows me to record important calls (of course, only with permission - even with family members), send free SMS, and access everything from the app or Web.  

Would it be great if the IM apps in iTunes also support Voice?  

If you're aged, like me, during the era of IM craze, you've got an account from ICQ, gTalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and, now, Facebook or Myspace.  You want to stay in touch with everybody across the various chats so you likely use Adium or Trillian.  If not, you're truly missing out.  

So this morning, just as I was considering beejive with push ($9.99) because it now supports push and there's no point in waiting for Trillian's iPhone app.  And while beejive does support SMS, it doesn't provide the voice and text center that GV support.  And it doesn't even try.  That isn't the app's domain.  

So, it would make sense these apps to support GV in the long run, even as early as the next version.  It'll give folks a reason to upgrade (not to mention making extra money).

In the future, Voice might be integrated with gTalk.  In fact, I'm betting on it.  

Note:  If you don't have Google Voice already, now's the time.  Use it for your social life.  Use it for your business.  You wonder why it's taken this long.

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