Thursday, July 16, 2009

New iPHone Owners In UK To Have Three Carriers to Choose From

Mobile Today UK is reporting that Apple will open up the iPhone 3G, last year's model, to two additional carriers, Orange and T-Mobile.  

Prior to that, O2 had exclusive rights to the iPhone.  Three carriers for British mobile warriors to choose from.  O2, supposedly unhappy ("furious" was the wrong MTU used), will retain exclusivity to the 3GS model.

It is obvious why O2 will be furious.  This means competition.  It means it will have to deal with iPhone owners more seriously.  Roll up its sleeves to get users to buy iPhone from it instead of taking them for granted.  

On this side of the pond, I've been reasoned since the WWDC keynote that depending on the contract with ATT, Apple can find cause to bring the iPhone 3g to T-Mobile (provided they're willing to pay for it) because ATT has not lived up to what its part of the deal since it has late in getting MMS and tethering ready for the 3GS launch.

And from what I can tell, the three UK carriers do not share frequency so that means Apple would have to release different iPhone models specific to each network.  I am certain this is something Apple had planned for a long time.  This goes the same for iPhone versions for Verizon, T-Mobile, and maybe even Sprint. Though these models will likely never see the light of day, it just makes good business sense to be prepared for any changes in business conditions.

And with LTE not going live until late 2010 or early 2011 with Verizon Wireless, Apple's only option to increase iPhone sales is through other GSM networks in the US since it had already publicly declared it will have nothing to do with CDMA.

Source:  Mobile Today UK

Note:  Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg stated it is up to Apple to bring the iPhone to his network.  I'm betting that he's seen it.  Steve Jobs or Tim Cook probably let Ivan hold it in his hands only to take it away.  

Another Note:  I'll try not to talk about this subject for a while but you have to admit the prospects are very enticing.  

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