Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Push Notification Via Safari

You might know by now that Apple, with the gun to its head, was forced by ATT to pull two 3rd party Google Voice apps and to reject the official app from Google.

I don't want to get into that.  I don't agree with it and Apple had to comply.  Fine.  Perhaps this was why Google developed Android a couple of years ago.  It's why we have G1, myTouch, and HTC Hero today, all running Android OS.  

And this exactly why Google is now pushing Chrome OS and, in doing so, pushing Webapps.  

Honestly, the wireless providers' days are numbered in terms of how they can have so much dominion over us.  One day, Safari, Chrome, mobile Firefox, and mobile IE will all be able to allow webapps to work like traditional apps.

When that day comes, good luck trying to block specific websites.  Verizon Wireless or ATT would be stupid trying to tell Apple, Android developers, or Microsoft to block some sites because they don't like the competition those sites offered.  If that happens, seriously, isn't that what China does now?

The only reason ATT can get way with this is because folks aren't making the anticompetitive connection.  Regardless, I hope Google succeeds with Chrome OS because it'll benefit us iPhone users as well.  Whatever features Webkit gains, Safari will as well.

So consider if Safari offers more traditional app features, Google would still be able to offer fully working webapps as their traditional apps.  That means push notification, being able to stay connected simply by leaving Safari running.  Calls, voice mail notifications, and incoming texts would all be pushed through Safari.


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