Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Verizon Only App Store: This Sure Complicates Things With A LTE iPhone

The iPhone is the one that got away from Verizon.  ATT was struggle so it decided it needed the iPhone.  And judging by the sales numbers, Verizon does as well.  However, Verizon's decision to allow only its own app store to be installed on phones sold by it can complicate any kind of deal between the largest wireless network in terms of subscribers and Apple.

Apple has said that CDMA sucks.  So naturally, many folks believe that Apple is waiting for LTE, the next generation wireless, to come online before buddying up with Verizon Wireless.  Naturally, Apple will want to control its own app store.  Naturally, Verizon thinks not.

So, how does thing change things about a potential deal between Apple and VW?  Well, perhaps VW might make an exception.  Perhaps not.  And there's no way Apple will allow Verizon to dirty up the app buying experience we all love and enjoy.

The only way the iPhone will ever work with VW agrees to Apple's term on the app store issue.  I don't see this move being made as a shot across the bow of Apple but merely to serve as a reminder to anyone (even its own subscribers) who think that Verizon's pledge to maintain an open network a year ago means anything but.  

But this serves as a reminder to everyone just how evil wireless providers truly are.  To them, an open network means we are free to do anything on the wireless network so long as it is something they approve of.  

Source:  Appleinsider, Onxo

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