Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here's Hoping Zune HD and Its Lineage Do Well

That's right.  I'm hoping Zune HD challenges Apple's iPhone.  ipod Touch.  And today, Sony unveiled new music players.  They're difficult to remember because they've got code numbers instead of names of "nano", "shuffle", or "classic".  But I hope they do well too.

In fact, I hope these products challenge Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP.  I hope the MP3 market gets some kind of jump start this Christmas season.  

While this is an Apple blog and occasionally, I enjoy trashing Apple's competition good naturally, at heart, I'm a consumer just like you.  And that means I want longer battery life, more memory, more features, and faster rate of innovation.  And let's face it.  That'll only take place if there is competition in the market.  

While Zune HD's arrival is a welcoming sign that the marketplace, particular the mobile device market continues to be very dynamic, it was disheartening to see that Redmond isn't challenging the iTunes app store giant and give the Zune HD more PDA features.  In fact, much of what will make Zune HD isn't ready.

Then again, neither was the original iPhone and iPod Touch.  

So, going forward, I believe Balmer and Co. will mount a major attack on the mobile market to reclaim lost territory.  And believe me, Apple fans, that's good for Apple, the iPhone, and us. 

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