Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Taking Pics And Videos In Public; Nano Privacy Concerns

Given now touchy folks are these days, I'm always weary about taking pictures and videos in public.  I've got lots of events involving families and friends.  Sometimes, it takes place in public.  Birthday parties at Chucky Cheese.  Trips to Disneyland.  Dinners in restaurants.  I particularly like documenting events with video.

That has gotten easier with mobile phones capable of recording video.  iPhone 3GS anyone?  Oh, and while folks have been disappointed with the 3rd generation Touch lacking video, not so for the Nano. 

And there are beginning to be issues raised about privacy because of the new Nano with video capture capability.  Personally, I am always conscious about avoiding 3rd parties in my film or photograph when possible.  And since small phones have been around for ages.  

I suppose the big issue is the gym. Hence, the locker areas.  Well, for now, I only can caution vigilance.  Plus, some clubs ban phones with cameras or phones altogether.  

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