Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hack-Proof iPhones

Word on Mac Blog Street is that Apple has released into the wild iPhones immune to the unlocking and jail-breaking tools of intrepid and brilliant individuals that have unleashed the power of the iPhone in ways, well, Apple currently doesn't not permit officially.

Untapped potentials of the iPhone is what is at stake here. We want more and Apple doesn't appear to be ready or willing to provide that to us. Talk about night and time when compared to the Android platform. But iPhone users want it and developers who provide unlocking/jailbreaking tools are giving it to us.

But it appears that Apple is changing the rules a bit with an updated bootROM for the iPhone 3GS. More at Appleinsider. With the new scheme, currently tools will have no effects on these new iPhones.

I'm not a betting man but at times when something appears to be favorable, I dabble a bit. And my bet is on the development community over Apple any day on this issue. And another bet: this is going to be a seesaw battle for years to come until Apple realize the futility of this exercise.

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