Monday, October 26, 2009

Still No iTablet This Christmas

During the last financial call, Apple execs hinted at a new product that was the culprit of a higher than usual air freight cost as they try to bring enough of it into the US to satisfy demands.  

So what can be this product be?  Well, the iMac is already out as is the new Mac Minis and I don't see either of these products lighting it up this December.  They already indicated it's not the iPhone so there's that.  iPods?  Nah.

Perhaps I'm just trying to avoid the disappointment should the iTablet not be the product so I'll say again.  It's not the iTablet.  The window of opportunity for just this is closing.  Apple would have to make the intro in the next week or two to make sure they get this out in time for the Holiday shopping season.

I'm guessing this would be the Macbook Pros.  Making rounds today are reports of codes embedded in to the Mac OS that made references to the new MBPs.  According to MacDailyNews' reference to another post, the placeholders in the yet to be released update of 10.6.2 showed at least two models.  

So, there you have it. That's likely the new Apple product that will force Apple to shell out gobbles of dollars to the airlines to get them over in time for the shoppers.  And it makes sense that Apple would want the financial analysts to know this since portables are a bigger slice of the Mac pie than the desktops.

Sorry, folks.  No iTablet until 2010.  Likely end March or early April.  Still, I love to be wrong.  Already spoke to the bank about taking out a second mortgage for the iTablet.  

Source: MacDailyNews

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