Friday, November 20, 2009

Apple Hiring Game Developers - More Than Just iPhone I Think

Apple is hiring someone who has worked on a big title possibly for some in-house gaming development to work on something that has to do with iPhone gaming.  Maybe.

Here's what I've learned about Apple over the years.  Never take what they let us see at face value.  I know this has to do with gaming but I don't necessarily fall in line with those who automatically believe this is for the iPhone platform.

While it's not likely for the Mac, there is still the possibility.  Plus, you've got to think that Apple thinking bigger than just iPhone or Mac gaming.  There's still the Apple TV that Apple is slowly but surely working to "get it right".

We ought to know in a year or so just what Apple intend for its new gaming team to be doing.  Don't be surprised if Apple does intend for the OS X to be more gaming friendly for developers as well as gamers.

  • Develop games for the iPhone.  Not likely.
  • Develop games for the Mac.  Not likely but possible.
  • Develop games for the Apple TV.  Not likely but possible.
  • Develop games for the forthcoming iTablet.  Not likely.
  • Make changes to OS X to make it easier for developers to create games.  Likely. Along that line, Apple can develop a couple of games to show OS X's new gaming potential.  After all, year after year, the Mac has always been an after thought to Windows in the realm of gaming.  So, yes.  This is a likely scenario.
So though the listing specifically mentioned the iPhone and iPod Touch, I doubt the job parameter is that narrow.  If Apple improve the OS X for gaming and all of its hardware uses OS X in one form or another, Apple's products across the board stand to benefit.

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