Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Apple's Macbooks Among The Best

It's the Holidays, because I've put up my tree and lights already, so many folks will be looking for gifts, for themselves or others.  As always, I'm recommending Apple's gears than anything else.  And here's why.

SquareTrade, a firm that sells warranties, reports two very interesting conclusions.  One:  Premium laptops, which Apple sells, has a lower failure rate than entry laptops and netbooks.  In fact, netbooks has a 28% higher percentage of failures than premium laptops, and entry-level laptops has a 12% greater failure rate than premium laptops.  All in all, you pay more but you're likely to have a laptop that isn't going to die on you.

What's interesting is that, in another chart, Asus, Toshiba, and Sony (if you don't get Macbooks, I recommend Viaos), all top Apple's laptops.  Of course, this survey is different from user-opinion surveys made their experiences rather than firms in the business of selling warranties.  Traditional polling of users always put Apple head-and-shoulders above everyone else.

Why is that?

Here's why.  Squaretrade is in the business of making money from selling warranties.  Netbooks have high failure rates such as the ones Asus makes and Asus hardware has lower failure rates than Apple, Sony, or Toshiba?  If you're a warranty company, you'll want to maximize profit, you want owners with Asus gears to stay away because you're gonna be replacing or fixing a lot of those while try to sell warranties to the likes of Apple and Sony, whose products are reported by users as highly reliable, thus, less likely to utilize their warranties and allow Squaretrade to pocket their money.

How do you sell to Macbook and Viao owners?  Make them think their laptops are just above average so that they'll feel the need to buy warranties.  So you might ask, why not just make the gears from Apple and Sony worse than average?  Because Squaretrade has to make the survey believable.

You'll need to decide who you want to believe.  But I love my Macbook and unless quality management starts going to hell at Apple, I don't see my self getting anything else.  And I don't need to go to a third party for warranties since I've got Apple Care.

But do yourself a favor and stay away from netbooks if you can.  There's a reason why Apple does not make them and why Sony's netbooks cost about $1,000.

I'll recommend which Macbooks to get in the coming weeks depending on your needs.  But if you need a laptop now, keep in mind that Apple now has a wide selection of Macbooks, from the white case to the unibodies.  From 13" LED screens up to 17".  Plus, the built-in battery gives the Macbook line a longer battery life than almost anything else on the market.

Plus, with OS X, Snow Leopard, you have a modern 64-bit operating system Microsoft recently added to copying and save yourself the headaches of the thousands of viruses for Windows.

Just saying...sure, Macs might cost more out the door but calling it a premium laptop doesn't really work for me.  You get the best hardware and software to do the job right.  And you deserve it if you want to optimize your talent and time.

Leonardo da Vinci isn't going to go down to Home Depot and pick up any old tool.  He's gonna want best tools he can get his hands on to do his work.  Shouldn't that be the case for you?

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