Saturday, January 23, 2010

Water Damaged iPhone

Have you had an iPhone damaged beyond repair?  Well, I certainly feel for you.

I was informed via e-mail last night that my friend's iPhone 3G suffered some water damage.  It was quite unfortunate to hear this since earlier in the week, she had to go into the Apple store and pay for a new battery replacement.

I've often dropped my 2G iPhone here and there.  And here.  And There.  Had babies drooled on it.  I've even had it flung out of my hand a few times.

I'm happy to say that Apple really built a solid device.  But when it comes to water, it's pretty much over.

I've recommended my friend to wait out the water.  Let's it dry up a bit and see if things improve.  I've spilled coffee over my keyboard before.  But a few days later when the liquid dried up, it was working again.

I'm not sure this will be the case with the iPhone since it's an infinitely more complicated device than a Dell keyboard at work.

Suffice to say, it is the only option my friend has at this time.  She's eligible for an upgrade in a few days.  I've counseled her to wait until the 27th, Apple's next media event to introduce the iTablet.  Though I'm doubt we'll see anything more than the iTablet, I'm hopefully we'll see " more thing..." in the form of a new 4th generation iPhone.

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