Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will We Ever See An iPhone Nano?

Will we ever see the iPhone Nano or another iPhone with a different design from the current one?

The iPhone is still at the top of the mobile field of devices.  Droid and Nexus One might be good, even excellent, devices, but when it comes to the package as a whole, Apple is still way ahead of the pack.

Still, public perception is important.  Because of the plethora of hardware developers support Windows Mobile and Android, you will get a pretty good selection of phones to pick from.  You still get:
  • sliders, 
  • ones with keyboards 
  • ones with keyboards in a clam-shell 
  • ones like the iPhone like Nexus One
And then there are devices with forms somewhere in between.

With the current iPhone design, Apple will satisfy a majority of the market but still a large segment that insists on the clam shape or having a physical keyboard will

It's conceivable that Apple will never come out with an iPhone with physical keyboards as patent fights in the past have gotten kind of messy.  So, will we ever see a second iPhone model?  Specifically, the iPhone Nano?

Well, in the past posts, speculations, and rumors that I've read, it's always about the Nano having smaller screens.  I'll be blunt.  That's not going to work.  Imagine the wholesale complaints.  Jobs is not going to for that at all.  So, we can forget about a 2.7" screen right now.

However, it is entirely possible that the iPhone and iPod Touch can go to 4.5" or even 5".  Here's how I think it's possible for Apple to make an iPhone nano.  And that will leave the 3.5" screen size all for the iPhone nano, thereby, not compromising the screen size or resolution.  And having a decent screen size for touch input is more important than any new features Apple can add to the OS.  It won't matter if Apple adds 1,000 new features in iPhone 4.0 if the users have difficulties using the nano.

I don't know how like we'll see a nano as I described it or in another form factor.  It really depends on the market and where things are as through Apple's eyes.  I have no doubt that Apple has experimented with every conceivable technologies, sizes, and shapes to see what the ideal design for such a device can be.

Apple's design team can come up with a game changing design and if Steve Jobs doesn't like it, it may as well not even exist.  Rumors has it that Apple rejected the tablet many times, shelving the project until recently.

I'm pretty confident that Apple will eventually come out with an iPhone with a radically different design than the one we current have on the market.  I can only guess like I'm doing now.  Except great intermittent rumors here and there about it.  I look forward them:  the nano and rumors about it.

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