Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hoping for iPad Surprises

You already saw the iPad unveiling video from Apple's Quicktime site like fifty times already. Once each day since the release and 25 times more the first day. Okay that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but you know what I'm talking about.

Personally, I've only seen bits of it here and there and I have no interest in sitting through the whole thing. But I'm just as expected as any Apple and mobile fans about the iPad. Only those anti-Apple jihadists are dead set against the iPad. And they're against anything Apple anyway.

But I'm hoping that Jobs left out a few things because the iPad can be so much more. I'm guessing what we don't see in this version of the iPad, we'll definitely see in the 2nd or 3rd version.  Here's what I'm looking for:

  • Battery Life:  10 hours is great.  But I was expecting something in the range of 12 hours.  There is hope that this can still happen.  In the past, reviews have shown that the iPhone and iPod batteries have better staying power than Apple's official numbers.
  • Gaming changing OS update.  More than just the iPad, it's also the iPhone 4.0 OS that is important.  Already, devs have found stuff that Apple hasn't talked about in public.  With good reasons - timing, competitors just to name a few.  I'm betting (hoping) on something that will change the game again.  It'll be the 4th edition of the mobile OS and it's time for Apple to blow everyone else away again.  
  • Webcam.  It makes sense for tablets or slates to have webcams.  After all, this new class of devices are about being mobile.  It means mobile communications - voice and video.
  • Those sides around the screen are more spacious than necessarily.  Maybe Apple has special plans for them.  Something we're not seeing.  Touch related?
Those are what I like to see happen at the next Apple event when Apple affirms the existence of iPhone 4.0 and any added features that pertains to the iPad.  

Here's hoping for more iPad surprises.

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