Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Likely To Be Updated First? iPhone or iPod Touch

In the late 2009 refresh of the iPod lines, the iPod Touch got a great update when Apple ram the internal organs of the iPhone 3GS into the insides of iPod Touch. Hence, we got the 3rd generation Touch. Still that wasn’t enough for some folks. Rumors had it that it was suppose to include a camera. Nevertheless, Touch sales rocketed, much to the chagrin of these critics and analysts. Magical. Unbelievable. Incredible. You may continue down this line by using whatever adjectives Steve Jobs has used in the past and any additional ones that you think he would approve of.

Now today. The iPhone Blog is reporting evidence of upcoming iPhone revision as well as the 4th iPod Touch lifted from the iPhone 3.2 SDK and the just released iPhone OS 3.1.2. I’ll let you enjoy the gory details there.

What I want to know is which of the two will get the upgrade first? Well, I’m inquiring about this point because the Touch was suppose to get a camera last fall but it was taken out at the last minute, likely, due to technical reasons as many have surmised. Months already passed and ample time for Apple to work out the kinks in the camera for the Touch, would now be a good time to make the upgrade?

Here’s why I think we’ll see an iPod Touch upgrade sooner rather than later and before the next iPhone. Frankly, Apple isn’t this sloppy. It’s unlike Apple to leave evidence of what it’s going to do 8-9 months down the road, that’s when the traditional iPod line gets updated in Sept or Oct. And as far as product line goes, Apple will focus on the iPhone in June, which means no iPod Touch update in the summer. So, don't let the rumors fool you. June will only be about the iPhone, OS X (maybe MobileMe) updates. Apple's very good and they don't like confusing the message.

Hence, the best time to sneak in an iPod Touch upgrade with a camera is now, between Feb and early March. Because in March, April, and May, it’ll all be about the iPad.

More at The iPhone Blog.

Note:  This is would be against standard Apple behavior but with the mobile war  heating up, standard doesn't cut it anymore.  There's also talk of a Zune phone as well as new clouds that signal new pressure from Nintendo and Sony in the coming months.  Look for Apple to stunt any momentum its competitors have or try to gain in the marketplace.

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