Saturday, March 6, 2010

iPad Craze: Just Warming Up

It's time.  I'm talking about the iPad frenzy that is about to start.

In the last couple of weeks, Apple has laid low while allowing pundits and bloggers to talk up the iPad.  There was a good mix of doubters as well.

With today's announcement, Apple is gearing up for a major public push to get the iPad into the forefront of the tech world.

Starting March 12th, you will be able to pre-order and iPad and it will be available for sale or pickup on April 2nd, a month from now.

Over at On Apple, I've laid out how Apple will continue to march forward with the iPad push in the coming months.  Oh, the next version of the iPhone won't be too far behind.

So, for whatever reason you missed the iPhone frenzy the last time, here's your chance.  the iPad craze might just match that of the iPhone.

More at On Apple.

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