Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comment on iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

As an Apple fan, I should be coming to Apple’s defense about this whole antenna thing especially after Consumer Report said they can’t recommend the best phone on the market to you, the consumer.

Now, the best phone part isn’t my conclusion. It’s Consumer Report’s conclusion. The issue they have is the alleged design flaw of the antenna. Again, it’s their word that the iPhone 4 is the best phone on the market.

I only want to say that personally, I haven’t been able to duplicate what CR and other blogs are talking about. One, it’s probably because ATT is so crappy in my area but I have gone to other places where ATT’s coverage is pretty good and even there I had no issue with the “grip of death” phenomenon.

However, Apple did issue an confusing statement of how they calculate signals and I’ll leave the details to those who know more what they are talking about. Personally, I am waiting to see just how Apple plan to patch up the signal issue.

There is obviously a hardware issue that Apple may or may not make go away with a software patch.

I think this is why Apple hasn’t said anything about giving out free bumpers that to those who have experienced the “grip of death” when they hold the iPhone with their left hands. Perhaps, Apple has found a software solution to their hardware problem.

Only time will tell. I do know this though. The iPhone 4 is pretty much sold out everywhere. I’m still trying to get another for my family and I’m simply having to wait through the crazy demands.

So for now, I’ll hold judgment until we get something official from Apple. However, I do agree with Consumer Report on this. The iPhone 4 is a pretty damn good phone.

And yes, this will blow over in a few weeks. So moving along, people, nothing to see here.

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