Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet "WhiteD00r": iOS 3 With iOS 4 Features For 2G (Original) iPhone

Got an original iPhone that you're not willing to give up yet or got it as a hand-me-down but you still want the multitasking and folders features of the iOS 4? Yesterday, I would have said "too bad" but today, if you're like me with an original 2G iPhone, we might be in luck.

Meet Whited00r. The creators of Whited00r are trying to use the previous iOS 3.13 to create a modify iOS with many of the features iPhone users hsve only received from Apple with this year's iOS. However, if you try to upgrade your original iPhone or the first generation iPod Touch, you were met with a message telling you that your hardware is past its prime.

Personally, I think the 2G iPhone is a fantastic piece of engineering and I can get another year out of it or at least until Apple spreads the iPhone love to another wireless network other than AT&T.

What I haven't been able to find out is if these iOS 4 features are taken from the latest iOS and added to the iOS 3 or whether they are built natively.

Right now, Whited00r has three versions: iPod Touch G1, iPhone 2G Lite, and iPhone 2G. The Lite version is missing character count and multitasking. The Folders feature is still missing and will be worked on for a future update. Interestingly, video recording will also be a part of a future update.

Personally, I really can go for Folders over anything else from iOS 4. And perhaps, once this has been sorted out for iPhone 2G, maybe the Whited00r creators can bring multiple-tasking to 3G users.

There are stable versions now if you want to try it out. My iPhone 2G is out on loan to a friend so I won't know yet if Whited00r delivers as promised. Love to know your opinions if you decide to have a go at this.

More info at Emoiz and, of course, Whited00r.

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