Saturday, July 31, 2010

OpenAppMkt: Webapp Despository

In 2007, Apple introduced to the iPhone. The original iPhone which I still use. Many people still use. The thing is at that time, there was no app store. No apps to download at all.

So meet OpenAppMkt. It's a website with depository for webapps. Honestly, why would anyone create this just now?

A new months ago when Steve Jobs and Adobe got into a spat over Flash. Flash no good, cumbersome and a lot of bugs. Also a security risk, Steve Jobs said. So Steve said, HTML 5 is better. Essentially embracing Web.

I've used webapps that are recommended from Apple's webapp site from time to time.

I'll be honest. Most of those apps are subpar. A few are quite good. And more and more, with innovations in HTML and Apple's Web framework, I can really see a lot of improvements over the next year or two. Oh, and Google is probably better at developing webapps than anyone else. So I also expect great things from Google

Anyway, keep Apple's webapp site and OpenAppMkt in your bookmark. I have a feeling a lot of us will be using webapps more and more.

Note: One of the key to webapps will be offline access and storage. iOS 6? I don't see this coming for iOS 5 just yet. Also, many of us are used to mobile versions of some websites but iPad might complicate things some what.

More at Apple and OpenAppMkt.

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