Friday, July 23, 2010

Starbucks To Expalnd iPhone App Payment

I can’t wait for mobile payment through my iPhone or Android device and it looks like Starbucks is making that possible even more. In the coming months, Starbucks will expand payment for drinks and other products with the iPhone app to other stores.

A couple of days ago, I misplaced my wallet at a supermarket and, luckily, it was found with my two dollars still in side. I was coming back from the gym and my shorts didn’t have pockets. I had in my hands the keys to my car, wallet, and my G1. I suppose losing my wallet meant my G1 was more important of the two.

It would have been a great hassle had I not gotten it back. DMV, credit card companies, and the bank would have all heard from me.

So you see why I can’t wait for a digital replacement for my wallet.

Starbuck’s move is a small one in that direction. I’m sure all the major credit card companies as well as dozens of other firms are trying to find a way to capitalize on the coming revolutionary change in how we pay for products and services that is made possible by advances in mobile tech.

For now, I’m be contend to order my drinks and pay for it through my iPhone app at Starbucks. Let’s hope soon, I’ll be able to walk into a supermarket, mall, or anywhere else that takes all the major credit cards will also take payment from my iPhone.

More at Starbucks, ReadWriteWeb.

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