Saturday, August 21, 2010

iPad Serves Gull Spill Victims - What Other Ways Apple Gears Can Help Society

There are a lot of folks in public services, conservatives, liberals, and NGOs, that use Macs in a variety of ways to help the public, the poor, and the voiceless.

Just recently, the iPad was used to aid in providing health information and coordination. Remote access is a common use to help away teams access data on computers back at offices or headquarters. Also, mobile Internet access gives users important information on demand. Databases can also be stored on the generous onboard memory if needed.

Of course, the iPad has an advantage over the iPhone or iPod Touch in that it has a bigger screen. Nevertheless, thousands if not tens of thousands of users had started using iOS devices long before the iPad went in sale four months ago.

Moreover, Macs also play an integral part in film/movie making and editing. About wars, the poor, and global warming. Macs are also used in simulations.

I believe iOS will be sophisticated enough that, even if iDevices do not have the processing power, will enable users to guide Macs in the cloud to perform more traditional computing. Considering filming using an iPhone and sending the footages to a Mac and then guiding it to editing them into a movie.

What other ways can Apple's devices be used do good social work?

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