Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Rumors On Apple Music Event

There was very little Apple related rumors that tell us about what we'll see 10am on September 1st. Frankly I am quite surprised.

Sure, there was a lot of talk and rehashing of what we already knew as far as rumors go from last week. Rather, confirmations of rumors.

So while I had hoped to get through Monday on what I thought would be waves after waves of blogs trying to outdo one another, there was nothing. But there are two developments worth noting.

First, Roku dropped the prices of their players by up to $30. This is significant because it's high time that Apple do something about their Apple TV hobby, which even as hobbies go, it isn't one worth keeping.

Second, Nintendo, who thinks it has something with 3DS but no until 2011, dropped the prices of its DS lineup. I have always maintained that the iPod touch isn't a true portable gaming device but a mobile computing device that happens to play games well, it appears that Nintendo and Sony now believes the iOS devices has encroached into their gaming space.

Does the timing of both of these two price cuts mean anything? By themselves, probably not but taken together, we might be on to something. So the question is does Roku and Nintendo know something we don't?

Sure, price cuts might have been anticipated if not expected but the week when Apple is set to update it's iPod lineup and maybe even do something about Apple TV can mean that something bigger is afoot.

This is purely conjecture on my part. As a trained scientist, the lack of evidence and inability to test what I said means I have to go with what I know based on the past. We will see something from Apple that is evolutionary, but we will continue to help for that "one more thing" that is revolutionary.

With 1.5 days left (as of this writing), I hope Tuesday will be more eventful as far as rumors go. I am dying here!

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