Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mobile Against Zombies and Other Ghouls

Halloween time and I am going to mix some scary fun with mobile goodness.

And so I got to thinking. Today, GPS and online maps plays a big role with travel and generally trying to escape from traffic.

It'll be no different when we few remaining humans try to avoid getting torn to shreds or having zombies go Happy-Meal on our brains.

More that just mobile chats and spotters, we need to have real time uplink to satellites. But that might not be feasible with the world falling apart and coming very close to the end.

So what's the solution? I have advocated this in the past.


That's right. With airships, they are a cheap way for surviving humans to having our numbers reduced and vital to any operations to reclaims our world from these undead.

The airships stay in the air for days if not weeks at a time. And believe me when I tell you that air superiority is what's going to make a difference between survival or letting the planet whither away.

Other than communication what else can an airship do for us mobile warriors? Suppose we need to get from one safe harbor to another and the roads are blocked by the undead or dotted with human survivalists who aren't particularly interested in helping retake and populate the planet but wouldn't think for a second to kill you for your supplies and weapons.

Yeah, High up in the sky, it is much safer.

And with your iOS or Android devices, you can still find a way to communicate via white spaces routers or airborne cell towers with your base camp or the folks down on the ground.

Obviously, I would go with mobile devices that are light and has long battery lives. Suppose Apple releases new iPads next year with 12-15 hours of battery life per charge, it would prove your chances of survival great.

On the ground or in the air, you shouldn't have issues with power as I am sure there are plenty of solar chargers. Heck, I've got a couple of them at home to charge my iPhone and iPods. Nevertheless, I like the idea of having to go through longer periods between charges.

And technology with airship developments are currently progressing nicely. I am sure they can be outfitted with all assorted of antenna arrays for communication. Plus, you might consider outfitting your airship with thin solar cells to make your batteries last longer.

So where am I getting this from? I am not a game player but I do love thrillers and "World War Z" is the first zombie literature that I have ever came across. It's a quick read and easy to blow through it in a weekend.

Especially this Halloween weekend...

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