Friday, December 10, 2010

AirPrint Is Nice But I Don't Need It; Nor Should You

With the arrival of iOS 4.2.1, Apple finally gave us the ability to print from the iOS devices via AirPrint.  And while that is a great feature to have, I am one of those who will not benefit from this new feature.  And today, with new firmware upgrades, 

With Instapaper, iBooks, and Goodreader, I have been able to get just about everything I need from the Web and books without having to print them out to read.  This is especially true when I use the iPad.  Think about it.  Instant access to all the files I need with apps on the iPad.  

Unless a mobile warrior is in a specific job where printing docs is necessarily, I don't see the rest of us who use the iPad to consume information finding all that much use with AirPrint.

And frankly, will Android need this feature?  I am sure Google will have a similar implementation as Android push deeper into enterprise.  HP will most assuredly add direct printing into its future Web OS devices.  

But hey, this is 2010 going on 2011 in a couple of weeks.  We don't need paper any more.  Enterprise should try to wield itself from having to print docs and its own workforces and even customers.  It'll not only save time but cut down on a lot of costs.  Not to mention that the forest will thank you for it.

More at Macrumors on HP firmware upgrades.

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