Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Will iPhone For Verizon Be Announced? Don't Know But It Won't Be Verizon Doing It

I don't know where this came from but I found it absolutely ridiculous when I heard it. And if I had to guess who the culprit is, I'd have to say it came from an idiot Wall Street analyst.

So, essentially, there is talk about Verizon would announce the availability of a CDMA iPhone at CES beginning next week. Right. Verizon Wireless will announce to the world that Apple will make available the iPhone on its network.

This is the same Apple that left Macworld a couple of years ago and said that it doesn't want to be a part of any trade shows that force it to make announcements when it was not ready. The same Apple who's Steve Jobs said that by making announcements so close after the Holidays, its engineers were not able to spend time with their families.

So, bottom-line is this: Apple makes its own product announcements. Apple does not give up control to someone else to market their products and risk being screwed up or misrepresented to the consumers.

When will Apple tell the US consumers that they will have a choice of another network for the iPhone? Only Apple knows when that'll be but one thing is for sure. It won't be Verizon Wireless making that announcement.

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