Motorola Signals New Tablet War With Superbowl Ad

Check out Motorola's Superbowl XOOM commercial.

It's digging at Apple by referring to the 1984 ad.

Awesome! I love competition!!!

It's time for the tablet way to begin. We saw a bit of that when Samsung Tab and other Android tablets took on 25% of the tablet market. Let's be clear. It isn't as if it was stealing from Apple as the iPad sales racked up over 7 million iPads and billions in sales.

The market is wide wide open for newcomers as well as current players, Apple and Microsoft. Yeah, I'm including Microsoft in all this. And it makes sense.

The tablet war will soon be joined by the one-two punch of HP and Web OS as well as RIM and its hopes in Playbook.

There's going to be a lot of trash talking in the coming days. Apple had 95% of a market that no one knows anything about. This is a war that will last years if not decades. I am looking for Google to be a strong player with Apple fighting and biting to retain the top position.

What I see is a dark horse coming along and disrupt things along the way. I don't know who but pay attention folks, it's game on. And this Motorola commercial on Superbowl Sunday is just the start.

More at Android Guys.

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