Thursday, January 13, 2011

T-Mobile Wants the iPhone And Diss Slow Networks of Rivals Carrying It

T-Mobile is my network of choice. CDMA doesn't work for me and until Verizon has build out a sufficient LTE network, VW doesn't work for me. And forget ATT. So I don't mind the series of commercials that dissed ATT's poor wireless coverage (perceived or not, I don't like ATT).

And now, T-Mobile has released a new commercial that dissed both of the US networks that carry the iPhone. And it's a great one.

Having said that, Seattle Times is reportedly got a T-Mobile representative on record saying We would be interested in offering the iPhone, but ultimately it is Apple's decision".

So would commercials like this put any chance of the iPhone on T-Mobile in jeopardy? No. T-Mobile disses the carriers but not iPhone. Just like a year or so ago, it was Verizon that dissed ATT in a near identical good-natured manner.

And here we are a year later, a CDMA iPhone.

Will it take another year before T-Mobile or, for that matter, Sprint get their own iPhone? It's like the T-Mobile rep said, it's Apple decision. While I hope it will not take that long, keep in mind that VW's CEO made a similar statement about six months ago.

More at Seattle Times.

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