Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White House App, Tuscan Memorial, Need Update For Comments

I watched the full memorial service at University of Arizona on CSPAN.

It was a great speech by President Barack Obama. So I wanted to see what the White House app on the iPod touch offered in the way of news and a better video of the president's 30-minute speech.

I took some screen shots to show you.

I like this very much. I think apps like this can work both ways. Government apps can allow messages and news to be conveyed and stay in touch with citizens.

What I like to see is some way for citizens to voice their ideas and concerns through the apps as well. President Obama has expressed concerns about the cocoon that is the White House and the layers of security and aides that stand between him and Main Street.

Forget the Blackberry that the President carries. He needs to get an iPhone and just have an updated White House app that allows him to read comments from the voters.

Again, great speech by the President tonight and a decent White House app. Let's see if it can be improved.

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