Friday, February 18, 2011

Apple Will Never Release a 7" iPad But Might Go With a 5-6" iPod touch

I've long suspected that Apple will do something to mess with the market when it comes to the 7" iPad. And Steve Jobs loves yo say one thing and do another. And with Steve dissing 7" tablets, I have in the past speculated that it is not impossible for Apple to release a 5" iPod touch.

And this post from 9-to-5 Mac, though based on a rumor (which I hate trafficking but love reading about) kinda say the same thing. I believe that a fall release would be a perfect time for Apple to do this. After all, it will be an iPod touch, not an iPad.

How will this fit into the whole whole iOS family? Perfectly. I think Apple is interested in tinkering with the whole iPod touch line in a big big way. I'm talking about wireless access beyond wifi here. Perhaps even with 3G-enabled iPod touches.

And this going with a 5" or 6" tablet but calling it an iPod touch will muzzle critics who would have accused Steve Jobs of going back on his words. Plus, it would allow Apple to cover the basis as far as screen sizes are concerned: from 3.5" all the way to 9.7". As for prices, I wager that Apple will really cover its basis.

You have no idea just how badly Apple wants to dominate this market. And releasing this bigger screened iPod touch will allow Apple an very potent arsenal to do just that.

How about UI and actual use of an iPod touch with a bigger screen? 9-to-5 Mac's sources say that it'll be about 6". I'll go with that for now but I think a 5.5" would be perfect. If you're using it for reading, it will for great. Think of it as a paperback that you would hold in your hands.

Watching a movie? I've watched a lot of stuff on the 3.5" iPod screen and 5.5" would be nicer.

And I also do a lot of work on my iPad. Though the 5.5" screen obviously cannot fit a full size screen, touch-typing or thumb-typing would work just fine. Go ahead and try it. Fold a piece of letter-sized paper in half and that is just about the size of what this bigger touch is going to be like.

Obviously, this will work for gamers very well. I'll be honestly, the 3.5" screen works okay but not as great as the iPad. and the 5.5" iPod screen would be a middle ground. Plus, it'll compete well with Sony's PSP successor, the NGP.

My only concern is the battery life. My iPod touch lasts me through a day of use well enough. But I have been spoiled by the 11+ hours that I get from my iPad. If somehow, Apple can give us comparable battery life as the iPad, oh man...

While nothing is set in stone about my dream 5.5" iPod touch, I am hopeful. And after months about hearing that Apple will not release a 7" iPad, it is feels good even if just reading about a rumor of a 6" iPod touch.

More at 9-to-5 Mac.

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