CDMA iPhones Sold-Out!

Neither Apple or Verizon Wireless has any iPhones for pre-orders to be reserved by current VZW customers.  

The next time anyone can order one starts on February 9th and can be picked up on the 10th or wake up early to wait in line for one.

No one knows just how much Apple allocated for today's pre-order or whether taking 16 hours to run out of iPhones was a success or not.

We will not know just how well the CDMA iPhones are selling until a week or two after.  That is usually when Apple gloats to the public about their numbers.

From the survey conducted by uSamp, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the seven-month old iPhone 4  We will not know just what kind of change in the mobile market this will cause until we see the actual lines (if there are any) or the effects ripple effects this has on Apple's competitors.


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