Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here Is How Apple Can Still Offer A Retina Display For the iPad 2

This is purely fun speculation on my part about Apple, iPad 2, and the possibility of Steve Jobs and friends offer a higher resolution display on the iPad 2. And here’s how.

Charge more for it. I am sure the cost will be a lot more than the standard display being used for the iPad. And it probably does not makes business sense to introduce such an expensive display while trying to keep the price of the forthcoming iPad 2 in the same range as the current line of iPads. So, make one model with a retina display or simply higher resolution display.

Seriously, there will be a market for this high-end iPad 2. For there rest of the lower end iPad 2 line, Apple can continue to use the same display as current model. I am sure there will still be improvements – like thickness and a more powerful efficient display.

And there is precedent for this. Keep in mind that the Macbook Pro displays come in two models. On the 15” model, the standard resolution is 1440 x 900 with an option for a higher resolution screen at 1680 x 1050.

The current rumored Retina display for the iPad 2, be it this year or, more likely, next year, is 2048 x 1536. I have to admit, that is insane. I doubt that even if Apple does offer a higher resolution display for the iPad 2 or 3, it will not be at such a high resolution.

And honestly, as a mobile warrior, anything beyond the current display of 1024 x 768 is a win. But don’t get me wrong. The iPad display is awesome but when you hold it up next to the Retina display on the iPhone or iPad touch, you can tell the difference.

So, at the low end, offer the current 16GB iPad with wifi for $399. iPad 2 will be the same through as the current line of iPad ranging from $499 to $699. The differentiator between the iPad and the iPad 2 will be more RAM, new processor, and camera.

The differentiator between the standard display iPad 2 and the high resolution iPad 2 will be the display. Apple can charge $100-$200 more. For a sweetener for charging $200, maybe Apple can offer additional storage up to 128GB.

Will folks be willing to fork out $899 or $999 for this special version of the iPad 2, higher resolution and more storage? Maybe. At this price, we move into the Macbook Air price range.

Having said that, the Mac is still a Mac while the iPad is, well, still an iPad.

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