Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad 2 Orders: Tim Cook, You Need To Get A Handle On This Next Time

Maybe I'm writing this more as a comfortable to myself and feel like I'm doing something beyond refreshing the order status page on the Apple Store website.

But if somehow I can channel this to Tim Cook, who's on charge of Apple while Steve is on medical leave, please read the online posts or have some intern do it and summarize for you.

Many folks are anxious about their online orders.  I read situations where cases have shipped but iPad orders themselves are cancelled. I'm also just now reading that credit cards have been charged but no change in online status.  And then there are just folks whose orders have not changed since the time they ordered.

Maybe there isn't anything Apple can do about this but maybe for the iPhone 5 stamped or the iPad 3 rush (maybe in the fall?), you guys can update the system so that first-ordered-first-shipped should mean something.  

I've one of two iPads shipped.  I can't complain there.  It was a 1:10 AM PST order.  Very happy  Then I also noticed a few folks who ordered before I did with just one iPad and they haven't seen anything.  And obviously, I like to have seen my 2nd iPad shipped sooner rather than later.

Again, I don't know what it is that is driving folks crazy like drug addicts, constantly clicking away on Fedex for updates or their Apple account to see if the statuses for their orders have changed.  

And not, this isn't fan boys doing all this.  Apple has genuinely created a revolutionary device with the iPad and has added some evolutionary additions/changes that has really gotten more users to jump on the iPad bandwagon.

Ironically, Apple's rise to the top and increasing pie of the consumer electronic dollar has been bitter-sweet for Apple fans.  On one hand, we're happy with Steve Jobs and Apple's success and, on the other hand, it also makes it more difficult if not downright impossible to get an Apple product that has just been released.

Note:  After writing this, I do feel a bit better.  Now, back to check my order and delivery status!

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