Saturday, April 2, 2011

Apple Employees Have A Certain Air About Them

Has anyone discussed this on the blog or anywhere else? Here I am at the Apple Store in Pasadena hope to even get a glimpse of the 16 GB ATT white iPad 2 that I have yet to be able to get for myself.

What is interesting about waiting in line today is that I have been seeing a stream of Apple employees walking by and into the store. And the sheer numbers is amazing.

I estimated about thirty people walking past us and into the store. I don't even pretend to know how many folks it takes to run a successful retail operation like an Apple storebut that is an awful lot of people.

Not only that, there is an air about them that is vastly different from the other employees just arriving at the other retail stores.

It's not arrogance. I've dealt with many of these Apple people in the past. And they are some of the nicest people who has not only a job to do but an strong desire to do their tasks well and provide the customers with the best help possible.

And it became pretty easy to tell who they were over time. They dressed differently even in their civilian clothes with the white earbuds as they walk by with the iced mocha or messenger bag.

I chalk this up to confidence that they were offering the line-up of products and for working with a very innovating company.

I cannot imagine such an atmosphere at other tech places like Frys or Best Buy. This is not a knock on the people working there but the smallness and more centralized set of products and services that Apple offers likely help foster this environment.

On another note, while we were waiting in line, we got some excitement when the a couple workers from a glass company were moving a glass display into H&M store next to Apple And shattered it.

Here's a pic of it. I'd show the line of people around me waiting foe the iPad 2 but that's probable getting old by now.

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