Thursday, April 7, 2011

Having Problem With Sling App - iOS Being Used To Sell Other Goods And Services

When Sling Media made available an app for the iPhone and iPod touch it was a game changer as far as I am concerned. With the Sling Pro, I was able to watch television from just about anywhere I can and when I wanted. I know of someone who has hooked up a DVR, a sat TV setup, and some contraption to stream video.

And the iPhone app worked well with the iPad. Until recently. There is a separate iPad version of the Slingplayer that requires a newer version of the Slingbox hardware. I don't get why that is?

I think it's shameless that the Slingbox Pro that was out only a couple of years ago cannot work with today's iOS player.

To say that it is irritating is putting it mildly. And if I wanted to use the regular iPhone app on the iPad or, heck, just on the iPhone, I am forced to upgrade the firmware as well. And I get the feeling that Sling is trying in a very sneak manner to get me to update the Sling. Just a feeling but a feeling nontheless.

I think the iOS is a great platform for companies to sell services. And with the mobility being such an important part of our lives, companies can capitalize on selling us services or, in this case, hardware to use the service.

I'm fine with that. But at the same time, they have a responsibility to make it easier to use the apps. And i'm not alone. Just look at the ratings and comments on the App Store about the Sling app.

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