Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPhone 5 Line May Continue To Be Long

Interest among kids, rather teens, could make the lines this summer, or fall, things to expect upon the release I'd the iPhone 5.

Currently at an all-time high, a survey by a Wall Street outfit has teens ready to march to Apple's mobile tune.

I guess the lines are pretty bad now for the iPad 2, I really don't want to see what the iPhone 5 lines are going to be in the US at Apple stores now that Verizon is expected to join AT&T in the iPhone rush (I still don't expect Sprint and T-Mobile have the iPhone this year).

Other than positive news about this survey, Apple should actively cater to this demographics. After all, the halo effect from the iPods and iPhones from the youth will mean sales for other Apple products and services.

Whether the future is the iPad or the Macbook, or a future MacPad someday, Apple should make sure iOS updates include youth-friendly functions. Twitter, Facebook, or double down on it's own social efforts.

Regardless, get ready to wait in lines once again.

More at Appleinsider.

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